an empowered you.


Do you spend all of your time on others leaving nothing for yourself?
Are you in a job that is okay, but it’s not your soul’s purpose?
Is self-care at the bottom of your lengthy to-do list or not on it at all?
Are you wondering how you can possibly continue at your current pace?

Are you ready to awaken and use the power that already exists within you?

Let’s fucking do it!



Through our sessions we will:

  • Tackle the “who am I” question. Decipher what YOU want vs. what other people want for you.

  • Discover your likes and dislikes. Understand what gives you energy and what drains your energy.

  • Get clear on how you’re living life on autopilot and living out other people’s expectations.

  • Get to a point where you like yourself and enjoy your personal time alone.

  • Take care of yourself, guilt-free.

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries with family, friends, and co-workers so that you can live life on your terms. 

  • Discover how to do what you desire, let go of the “shoulds” and release the out of reach expectations you’ve set for yourself.

  • Becoming aware of how often you say: “I have to do it” or “I should do that” and learning how to release that.

  • Tune into the deep knowing in yourself and discover what you are meant to be doing. You doing what lights you up actually has the most positive impact on the world.

  • Ground you in being your most authentic self.

  • Learn practical things you can do to add more ease and peace into your daily life.



your end result


Through our sessions I will teach you to:

  • set boundaries

  • advocate for yourself at work

  • tune in to your intuition

  • love and accept your authentic self

  • integrate the concepts of flow and manifestation into your life in a practical way

We all need your light to create a world filled with trust, love, and badass women!

Let’s do it together.





Working and talking with Charlotte has opened my eyes to so many new opportunities that I never saw for myself. Her patient, down to earth, authentic coaching style has pushed me to consider my life from a new perspective. She has a real knack for seeing right to the root of a feeling or situation and bringing it to light. Our conversations have truly led to me feeling much stronger, braver, and more bad ass. She’s helped inspire me to take back the ownership of my life and to make decisions that only make me feel happier and more like my true self. I am so grateful and glad that I chose to work with her.

If you are looking for a way to reinvigorate your life and make a real change, I can’t recommend Charlotte enough!



Working with Charlotte has been both mind-blowing and grounding at the same time. Each session is wonderfully inspirational and also leaves me with a sense that I am building a strong foundation for my goals. I have been able to develop incredible clarity on my career path and confidence in who I am. Charlotte has also introduced new tools and resources, such as manifestation and speaking to my intuition, that have helped me live each day in a more mindful way.

Charlotte brings wisdom, peace, and inspiration to every session. She has a unique ability to help you pause and tease out the goals or ideas that are deep within your soul. Charlotte is also incredibly kind and accepting. She empowers me to be who I am and work off of my strengths. I am so grateful that I met Charlotte and began working with her. If you are ready to take the leap and see powerful impacts on your life and your work, I cannot recommend working with Charlotte enough.



When working with Charlotte, she asked thoughtful and provocative questions of my beliefs and values. The safe and non-judging atmosphere she created allowed me the space and time to reflect and move past limiting and self-defeating ideas. Charlotte has done the work herself and can step back with an analytical and discerning eye at the model that society tries to impose on all of us. With that insight, she gives those who work with her the strength and permission to find their true selves… and the joyous peace that brings.

Charlotte has a knack for seeing through your façade and the curated image you use to shield yourself from the world. She helps you see if the values and ideas you use to frame the world are serving you. If not, she helps you let them go. It’s all about you and how to help you find your authentic self.



Coaching with Charlotte has been such a freeing experience. She gave me the space to talk openly and honestly and explore the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from really sharing my true self with the world. Charlotte has such a kind, non-judgmental approach, so I felt comfortable sharing and opening up which led to revelations that I hadn’t expected. She asks thoughtful questions, helps you delve deep and provides practical advice, suggestions and strategies, whether it be helping you work through a specific situation or a long held fear.

Since our sessions I really have been feeling so much more confident and peaceful. I previously put so much importance on what people thought of me, always needing their approval, but there’s been a real mindset shift since working with Charlotte. It’s like a switch has been flicked and I’ve realised that it’s ok to be doing my own thing in the world, the need to always “people please” has lessened hugely which is such a freeing feeling! I’m so happy I decided to work with Charlotte and couldn’t recommend her enough!



what does this look like?


coaching package

  • twelve weekly 60-minute sessions by phone or video (I use the zoom platform)
  • recordings of each session
  • private facebook group where we can be in touch between calls


does this feel like a hell yes?
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