a stress free home


Does your home feel out of control?

Are you hearing about the decluttering craze and wishing you had the time and stamina to tackle your crap?

Does the thought of going through your things make you feel panicked and overwhelmed?

Do you crave simplicity and peace of mind?

Iā€™m here to help.



your end result


After our sessions you will:

  • Enjoy a simple, decluttered home where you actually know what you have and where it is

  • Curb spending by learning to only buy those things you really need and love

  • Free up your space, time, and finances to focus on things that bring you joy

  • Be rid of unnecessary items including:

    • duplicates

    • clothes that do not fit

    • items that bring up painful memories

  • You will be left with only items that:

    • you need, use, and love

    • you see as beautiful

    • add value to your life

    • reflect who you are right now



My intuition based method teaches you how to build your decision making muscle which ensures that you will come away not only with a beautiful and simplified home, but also the innate ability to maintain what you have accomplished



beyond decluttering


Decluttering is an emotional process. My background as an empowerment coach means I know how to help you work through the emotional side of letting things go.

While parts of this process can be difficult, the mental and emotional benefits from downsizing far outweigh any discomfort.

These benefits include:

  • Learning to set boundaries

  • Honing your connection to your intuition

  • Energetic shifts

  • Releasing emotional baggage

  • Creating space to manifest new things (physical and nonphysical) in your life



a little about me


my name is Charlotte Kaye

and I am a feminist coach and podcaster. My purpose is to empower women to change the world through radical self love and authenticity. I support my clients in taking back control of their lives through decluttering, coaching, and online courses.






Working with Charlotte to declutter my home has been a joy. Of course, at first, it didn't feel so wonderful. But Charlotte has a way of easing my anxiety, which makes the process easier and manageable. After our first session together I felt lighter and happier for weeks. The energetic shift in myself and my home was (and still is) palpable. I've continued to work with her as we make our way through my home and every session goes a little bit quicker and it's easier to let go of the material things. I simply can not recommend her highly enough.



Charlotte is amazing! She motivated me to clean out areas of my basement that have been ignored for way too long. She helped me to determine which items were to donate, to recycle, and to throw away.

We then organized what I was keeping into a visually-appealing and easily-accessible space. An entire room in my basement was nearly cleared out by the time she was done!

Charlotte knew when to draw a hard line and encourage me to let go of things, but was also understanding if I needed to keep something. She was pleasant company and excellent help. Not only did she help me tackle a long-overdue task, she motivated me to keep going! She offered helpful advice that has had a lasting impact. It's such a relief to have my basement cleared out and organized!



your investment


1:1 decluttering service

$100 per hour for:

  • 100% judgment free decluttering help
  • support in clarifying your goals and vision for your space
  • online or in person (southeast michigan)
  • customized plan for what to do with items you are donating
  • minimum session 3 hours

$50 additional charge for removal and delivery of donations to donation center (available for in person sessions only)


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