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This week I’m diving even more into manifestation with Anne Marie Olbrot. We discuss portals, shadow work, and how Anne Marie gets into alignment among other topics.

Anne Marie is a yogi, mother, cook, and minimalist. She specializes in meeting students where they are and sharing tools for nurturing their bodies, clearing their minds and living their most authentic lives. She believes we are all able to love and accept ourselves as we are right now by using simple, accessible tools that can easily be integrated for powerful results.

After working sedentary desk jobs for many years, yoga was an opportunity to connect with her body instead of dissociate from it. Yoga has become an indispensable tool for connection, stability, stress relief, and more. When we feel connected and stable in our own bodies, we are able to feel connected and stable throughout the rest of our lives.

Cooking has been a lifelong passion, and she has spent the last decade mastering techniques to make delicious, nourishing meals simple and accessible. Her cooking classes can accommodate many dietary needs, including vegan, keto and gluten free. Knowing how to cook nourishing meals from scratch is an empowering and life changing tool for well-being.

Another important aspect of Anne Marie's journey has been her experience with ADD/ADHD, which she considers a neurological type rather than a disorder. A tool that has made a huge impact in her focus and clarity has been decluttering and organizing her space. Reducing physical clutter results in a clearer mind, better focus, and greater ease of living. She is also the founder of Spending Detox, a challenge to reduce mindless consumption and jumpstart a minimalist lifestyle.

Anne Marie currently offers yoga classes, cooking lessons, and decluttering/home organizing sessions in southwest Michigan. She is also available for lifestyle consultations in person and remotely via Zoom.

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