Day two


Congratulations on making it to day two. Your challenge for today is to say “no” to an item of clothing that has a negative emotional attachment. The stuff that we have can have a lot of stories and a lot of attachments for us. Especially as women, clothing can have a lot of stories attached to it. Whether it's something that is an ex's, or something an ex really liked when you wore it, or if it's a size that you're not right now, either you used to be that size, or they're like your “inspiration” jeans, those are all taking up energy in your life. You're beautiful exactly the way you are, and when we have these things hanging around, it reminds us of the past, or it makes us feel anxious for the future.

We don't need that shit in our lives. So scan your closet, find one thing and say “no” to it. Thank that item for the time what it previously brought your life. in your life. I usually recommend donating things or giving them away but for this one item, I suggest just throwing it away today to be done with it and to feel the clearing that happens when you get rid of that item.

Let me know what you're getting rid of. Share a picture on Instagram or on social media and use the #saynotosayyes, and tag me @AiryFairyFeminist. Good luck, and I know that you can do it.


Who the hell am I?

My name is Charlotte Kaye and I am a women’s empowerment coach, online course creator and all around bad ass (if I do say so myself).

My passion is supporting women in being their most radically authentic selves, and setting boundaries is key to living the live YOU are meant to live.