Say “No” to Say “Yes” 5 Day Challenge


Do you consistently put everyone’s needs before your own?

Does guilt stop you from saying “no” to literally anything?

Do you think everyone will hate you if you disappoint them by not doing whatever they want?

If you said, yes, you are not alone! Please join me for this free 5 day challenge on setting healthy boundaries.

By the end of this challenge you will:

  • Firmly say “yes” to who you are

  • Start saying “no” immediately

  • Learn how to go deeper in this work

  • Learn 5 simple strategies to start to love saying “no”


Who the hell am I?

My name is Charlotte Kaye and I am a women’s empowerment coach, online course creator and all around bad ass (if I do say so myself).

My passion is supporting women in being their most radically authentic selves, and setting boundaries is key to living the live YOU are meant to live.